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K-8 Concept

What is a K-8 School?

* A neighborhood school


* A school where students progress from kindergarten
through eighth grade together


*A school that offers appropriate curriculum
and instruction at each grade level

How our students benefit:

* Increased parent involvement at all grade levels

* Learning strengthened because a smaller number of teachers work more closely together

* Greater personal connections to teachers and administrators

* Younger students get to know teachers before moving to middle school

* Younger students can be tutored by older students, and older students obtain leadership skills and responsibility

* Younger advanced students have opportunities for accelerated study * Students can remain at their neighborhood school with a seamless transition between their primary, intermediate, and middle grade programs

* Students are less likely to “fall through the cracks.”

What happens at our K-8 school:

* A neighborhood school

* Administrators know children and families well

* Students at all grade levels taught FVSD grade-level standards and curriculum

* Teacher teams share curriculum expertise and student information from level to level

* High-achieving intermediate grade students have access to advanced courses

* Middle grade students change classes and take electives

* Middle grade students transition toward independence needed for high school in a supportive environment

* Middle grade parents remain involved in their neighborhood school