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Moiola Homework Policy


Homework Guidelines by Grade Level


Grades K-2:           10-30 minutes per day
Grades 3-5:           30-60 minutes per day
Grades 6-8:           60-120 minutes per day


Ø     Homework: Parents are informed about grade specific homework expectations at Back to School Night, through written communication and daily assignment/weekly packet directions.   Depending on the grade level and teacher, homework assignments are either: 1) written on the homework papers, 2) written in the student’s planner/notebook, or 3) written on a weekly assignment sheet.
Ø     At-home reading: In addition to assigned homework, students are required to read for at least 20 minutes during each school night. For lower grades, it is also appropriate for parents to read to their child. 
Ø     Study habits: Techniques for personal study habits, use of time, etc. are discussed with each parent during parent conferences in October. Furthermore, parents/guardians shall provide a quiet environment, proper supplies, encouragement, supervision and monitoring for their child’s academic success.
Ø     Library books: Children may check out books from our library once a week. In addition, children may use home/public libraries and magazines to complete special school assignments.
“Children will become academically successful when both the teacher and parent work cooperatively in steering the child toward the path of success.”